A well-earned retirement

Abatron was a privately-held Swiss company that developed debug tools under its BDI family line.

The company's high-quality, high-speed, debug tools, notably the BDI1000, BDI2000, and BDI3000, were the top of the line when they were introduced.

After 30 successful years in the embedded world, the Abatron team decided to wind-down operations and retire. The decision was announced in March of 2015. As a result of this process, the company entered voluntarily liquidation in February 2019.

We feel Abatron earned a star in embedded industry's hall of fame for its work in the field of debug probes!

SEGGER has adopted the abatron.ch domain to honor Abatron and keep the BDI product manuals accessible. We tried, as much as possible, to keep the look and feel of the original website and to preserve the historical content.

SEGGER wishes all the best to the Abatron Team!

Below is historical content from Abatron

End of Life BDI Products

Rotkreuz, Switzerland 9 March 2015. After 30 successful years in business, for the whole Abatron team the time comes soon to retire to enjoy the evening of life and to close the company. Based on this situation we have finally decided to shutdown the BDI product line in a fair way for our customers and partners (see document End of Life BDI Products). The medium-term product shutdown offers planning security, transparency and time to find alternatives.

EOL Procedure

All orders that we receive in Q1/2015 will be shipped (independent of the quantity). Purchase orders as of April 2015 will be shipped – while stocks last – from our end of life stock. We estimate the availability from our end of life stock for approximately one year, but this is not guaranteed (depends on demand).

For all purchase orders as of Q3/2015 we need a written confirmation that the customer accept the time limited support/warranty from Abatron in accordance with the EOL document. Without this confirmation we can not accept purchase orders.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local distributor or Abatron.